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OFHSA Resources and Recognition Pins

Resources may be requested by contacting the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations office.

The OFHSA Board of Directors continue to work hard to serve our members and parents in Ontario. We are continually updating and improving our resources to create parent leaders in our school communities.

Resources & Forms

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OFHSA Resources and Recognition Pins List



Translated Documents

With the assistance of two Parents Reaching Out (PRO) grants from the Ministry of Education OFHSA was able to have five documents translated into fourteen languages.

The documents: OFHSA Promotional Brochure, You Asked about Membership, What’s The Difference?, EQAO Information sheet and OSR Information sheet.

The languages: Arabic, French, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Korean, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Urdu and Vietnamese.

In addition, the Liability Insurance brochure was translated into Arabic, French, Korean, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Urdu and Vietnamese.

These documents are available in electronic format and hard copy. Please contact the office.


  • Complete the order form in ‘Resources and Recognition Pins’ which can be found under the Resource List tab
  • Contact the office for postage and handling fees, if ordering pins or USB.
  • Mail your order with payment to:

The Ontario Federation of Home & School Associations
51 Stuart Street, Hamilton ON   L8L 1B5

  • If pins are received in a damaged condition or any part of the order is missing, please notify the federation office immediately.
  • Items may not be returned to the office for a refund.
  • Prices for pins are subject to change.
  • If only ordering Resources, which do not require payment, you may scan and e-mail the order form to:


Please note that only Home & School Association or Home & School Council cheques will be accepted as payment for pins. Thank you!

Membership Cards

Please contact the OFHSA office to order your Home & School Association membership cards. A number of cards equal to the previous year’s membership plus 20% will be sent, upon request, free of charge.


Membership Envelopes

Please contact the OFHSA office to order your Home & School Association membership envelopes.

Home & School Pins

Use pins to show recognition for volunteer Home & School members!
OFHSA offers a selection of membership pins and awards to members. Descriptions and pictures are in the Recognizing Outstanding Service brochure.


Home & School Life Memberships

Application forms for H&S Association and H&S Council Life Memberships are available in the “Resources and Forms” section of the For Members page.
Home & School Association Life Membership – $50

  • Includes certificate and 1/2” round pin (gold and blue)
  • Purchased by a H&S Association to show appreciation for a member, principal, staff member or another individual who has made a significant contribution to the association
  • The Life Member no longer has to pay the annual membership fee at that association and has full membership rights including voting and insurance privileges (this is an individual membership)

Home & School Council Life Membership – $50

  • Includes certificate and oval pin ( 7/16″ x 3/4 “)
  • Purchased by a H&S Council to show appreciation for an individual who has made a significant contribution to the council. This is a non-voting membership, but the individual may receive mailings as directed by the H&S Council.

To order pins and/or Life Memberships contact:
Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations
51 Stuart Street
Hamilton ON L8L 1B5
905-308-9563 or

The proceeds from the sale of Home & School Life Memberships and pins support the OFHSA Citizenship Awards program.


Other Recognitions of Achievements

Ada Courtice Certificate of Leadership and Learning

  • Presented to a Home & School member who has completed the requirements of the Volunteer Skills Portfolio program.
  • Completed the minimum 15 activities (with at least 3 in each category).
  • Verified by that member’s Association, H&S Council or Regional Board.
  • The program is administered and certificates are issued by the OFHSA Awards Workgroup.

Trillium Service Pin

  • Jeweller’s quality, white enamelled trillium with an amethyst above.
  • Used to show appreciation for efforts on the OFHSA Board of Directors.