How Can I Join?

Forming a Home & School Association at your school is quite simple:

  • Call or e-mail the OFHSA office (at 905-308-9563 or to have an information package sent to you.
  • Read through the material and, when you are ready, call to set up a meeting with an experienced Home & School member in your area to meet with parents (and the school principal if she or he is available) in your school.
  • A minimum of 6 paid memberships is required to form a new Home & School association.

Once you have decided to join:

  • Set up an organizational meeting with an OFHSA volunteer.
  • Sign up your charter members.
  • Set bylaws for your association (we will provide a template that has worked for many other associations).
  • Collect your first annual membership fees.
  • Send your list of charter members and their fees to the OFHSA office.
  • You will receive copies of the OFHSA Constitution and Bylaws, the policy document, association and president’s guidelines, an executive skills handbook and your charter to post in your school.

Individuals who have previously belonged to a Home & School Association but are no longer involved at the school level, or no longer have access to an association are eligible to purchase an Alumni Membership in the Federation. Alumni Memberships are available from the OFHSA office. An application form is printed on the Alumni Membership brochure.

Individual Associate Memberships at the Federation level are also available for individuals who have not been members of OFHSA, are not involved at a school with an association and wish to join and support OFHSA. Please contact the OFHSA office for details and a membership application form.