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Awards presented by OFHSA

 The OFHSA Awards Workgroup is postponing the traditional OFHSA Awards for this year. We hope members will support and enjoy the OFHSA Community Honour award for the 2020-21 year. The Awards Workgroup will revisit the traditional awards over the summer to look towards modernizing.


The OFHSA Awards Workgroup would like to honour members of the community, past and present, who are admired for their courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities.  Deserving individuals may be nominated by a Home & School member, an H&S Association or an H&S Council. The nomination form must be completed and accompanied by a supporting letter. A nomination may be submitted by a non-member to an H&S Association member for completion. OFHSA will honour those who have made a significant contribution to the community with a prize pack valued over $50.

Award Nomination Form


OFHSA Citizenship Award

The Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations Inc. wishes to recognize students who demonstrate exceptional qualities in Citizenship. This award is for a student who demonstrates a concern for the betterment of society at school and in the community. This concern should be shown by having a helpful and considerate attitude towards classmates, teachers, and staff and by being involved in extracurricular activities, training programs and/or community service.


  • The Association must be in good standing
  • Previous Citizenship Award winners are not eligible
  • The student does not need to be the child of a Home and School member
  • Students must attend a school where there is an active Home and School Association

To be nominated the student must demonstrate some or all of the following:

  • A helpful and considerate, respectful attitude toward classmates, teachers and other staff.
  • An involvement in extracurricular activities.
  • An involvement in community activities and training programs.

In 1967, the Olive E. Glaubitz Awards were introduced.  Nine citizenship awards of $50.00 each were presented, to one student in each Home & School area in Ontario.  These awards were originally made possible through contributions from associations and councils in memory of Mrs. Glaubitz, a past-president of OFHSA, and they continued for a time through generous donations from her son.
The Citizenship Awards were reintroduced in 1981.  Eight provincial awards of $100.00 each for Grade 5 through Grade 12 were presented annually to students chosen from nominations submitted by school staff, the Home and School association or the student council.

Col. R. S. McLaughlin Memorial Award

This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding service to education by fostering co-operation between parents and teachers and by promoting understanding between the home and the school. This award is meant for Home & School members who have made a significant contribution to the Federation at the provincial level.  The nominees must be serving or have served a full term on a minimum of two of: Home & School Association executive, Home & School Council executive, a Regional Board executive, or the OFHSA Board of Directors as either an executive or on a Board of Directors committee.

The award was named the Col. R.S. McLaughlin Memorial Award to recognize an endowment from the McLaughlin family.  Mrs. McLaughlin served the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations for many years, including as president from 1931 to 1936.

OFHSA Educator Award

This award was introduced in 1989-90 and is presented to an educator who has demonstrated in an exceptional way her or his support for parental involvement in education through the Home & School organizations.  Nominations may be submitted by Associations, Home & School Councils, Regional Boards, or the OFHSA Board of Directors.


Awards presented to Members

Volunteer Skills Portfolio (VSP)- Ada Courtice Certificate of Leadership and Learning and pin

Often Home and School members downplay the importance of the volunteer work they are doing and fail to recognize the skills that they are learning. This portfolio is meant to help individual Home and School members track their activities and earn recognition for their accomplishments. Through the Volunteer Skills Portfolio, members will recognize what they have achieved, appreciate an impressive skill set and use these talents to take on new challenges with confidence.

To complete the program, a member must participate in a minimum of 15 activities that combine communication, leadership, advocacy and community involvement. In order to receive the Ada Courtice Certificate of Leadership and Learning, the completed Record of Accomplishments must be submitted to OFHSA’s Awards Workgroup. Specific details are listed in the Volunteer Skills Portfolio.
Get started! Return a completed Registration Form to the OFHSA office. Once received, a Volunteer Skills Portfolio will be sent to the member.

Volunteer Skills Registration

Volunteer Skills Portfolio

Association Life Membership

Council Life Membership

For an Association wishing to honour an Individual member for outstanding service.

Home & School Pins

Use pins to show recognition for volunteer Home & School members!
OFHSA offers a selection of membership pins and awards to members. OFHSA pins are worn proudly by members to show their support for OFHSA and its beliefs. This pin makes a wonderful thank you gift for members of your association or council or your principal or other supporter.Descriptions and pictures are in the OFHSA Resources and Recognition Pins list and order form

Home & School Life Memberships

Application forms for H&S Association and H&S Council Life Memberships are available in the “Resources and Forms” section of the For Members page.
Home & School Association Life Membership – $100

  • Includes certificate and 1/2” round pin (gold and blue)
  • Purchased by a H&S Association to show appreciation for a member, principal, staff member or another individual who has made a significant contribution to the association
  • The Life Member no longer has to pay the annual membership fee at that association and has full membership rights including voting and insurance privileges (this is an individual membership)

Home & School Council Life Membership – $100

  • Includes certificate and oval pin ( 7/16″ x 3/4 “)
  • Purchased by a H&S Council to show appreciation for an individual who has made a significant contribution to the council. This is a non-voting membership, but the individual may receive mailings as directed by the H&S Council.

OFHSA Resources and Recognition Pins list and order form

To order pins and/or Life Memberships contact:
Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations
51 Stuart Street
Hamilton ON L8L 1B5
905-308-9563 or info@ofhsa.on.ca

The proceeds from the sale of Home & School Life Memberships and pins support the OFHSA Citizenship Awards program.

Other Recognition of Achievements

Trillium Service Pin
This honour is given to a member of OFHSA who has given at least two years outstanding service to the OFHSA Board of Directors.
  • Jeweler’s quality, white enameled trillium with an amethyst above.
  • Used to show appreciation for efforts on the OFHSA Board of Directors.

Resources & Forms

Resources are available below or may be requested by contacting the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations office.

OFHSA Resources and Recognition Pins list and order form

Staples Copy & Print Business Discount Program






Please use these links to submit Association Information for 2020-21


Membership list (please resubmit for additional membership purchased)

Meeting dates


Financial verification letter and financial statement


For Association use:


Translated Documents

Table of Contents

Click here for Translated Documents

With the assistance of two Parents Reaching Out (PRO) grants from the Ministry of Education OFHSA was able to have documents translated into fourteen languages.

The documents: OFHSA Promotional brochure, You Asked about Membership, EQAO Information sheet and OSR Information sheet.

The languages: Arabic, French, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Korean, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Urdu and Vietnamese.

In addition, the Liability Insurance Coverage brochure was translated into Arabic, French, Korean, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Urdu and Vietnamese.

These documents are available in electronic format and hard copy. Please contact the office.

OFHSA Conference 2020 Information

Registration open NOW!

When: Friday, April 3 to Sunday April 5th, 2020

Where: Best Western Brantford Hotel and Conference Centre

19 Holiday Dr, Brantford, ON N3R 7J4


Parents are active partners with the EDUCATION system Effective COMMUNICATION is critical

This is a community event, designed to welcome all parents, and learn to become an advocate in your

Our greatness comes when we appreciate each other’s strengths, when we learn from each other, when
we lean on each other. Michele Obama

Registration Package Here

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