2019-2020 OFHSA Board of Directors

Acting President:
1st Executive Vice-President

Sarah Thomson, London

2nd Executive Vice-President:

   Nancy Raymond, Hamilton


3rd Executive Vice-President:

Laura Gonzalez, London     


Sandra Binns, Hamilton

Hamilton-Wentworth Council President

Reasa Diab, Hamilton

Thames Valley Council President:

Laura Gonzalez, London

CHSF Representative:

Sandra Binns, Hamilton

Workgroup Leaders:

  • OFHSA Awards: Jessica Kearns, Windsor
  • Parent Communications: Laura Gonzalez, London
  • Parent Resources: Vacant
  • Conference Planning: Vacant
  • Finance: Board of Managers
  • Leadership: Rebecca Smylie, Hamilton
  • Parent Outreach: Vacant
  • Policy: Sandra Huculiak, Hamilton
  • Strategic Planning:  Teresa Blum, London
  • Member-At-Large: Gene Myers, Windsor
  • Member-At-Large: Adam Lowe, London  (EQAO Rep)