An independent voice of parents actively supporting public education at the school, school board, and provincial level.

An organization of volunteers committed to ensuring that the education, health, safety and social well-being of children and youth are a priority for all.

A network of members providing support, training, resources and advice developed over a long history of involvement.

Our Site:

The website for the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations was designed to inform Home & School members and the general public about OFHSA: its history, aims and objectives and current activities and publications. In addition it is a means of communicating information about public education, including policy, changes, events and other important issues.

Throughout the school year packages of information are sent to Association and Home & School Council Presidents. We recognize that many members would like to be kept up-to-date and informed and may not have immediate access to these mailings. As a result, the contents of all mailings are posted on the OFHSA website, where the medium allows. In addition, our newsletter, the OFHSA Bulletin, is also posted here. We endeavour to keep the site updated and relevant to our members and the public. If you require more details about information that is presented on the website, please contact the OFHSA office.

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